What is Leadership Vision

Sunny Samanta

9th Aug'22
What is Leadership Vision | OpenGrowth

“The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become.”

You read that quote above. I stumbled upon it while exploring more about the importance of vision in leadership. When we talk about great leaders, a few names often pop up immediately in our head. Names such as Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Winston Churchill, and so on. Ever wondered why they are the most revered leaders in the world?

Yes, their accomplishment speaks for their reverence. However, something more I want to hint at. Something that separates them from the pack. And you know what is it? It is their leadership vision. The word leader and vision are co-existing facts. One cannot exist without the other. It works hand in gloves like a close fit or allies.

More importantly, while we discuss and hear so much about having a vision, rarely have I seen people talk about leadership vision. It is why, it has become imperative to somewhere start those dialogues. And it has led me here. So, let’s proceed further on it. Also, what better way to dive into the leadership vision than first understanding why leaders must have vision?

What is leadership vision?


Leaders and Vision

We see leaders as an inspiring and motivating figure who is known to lead its team to glory and success. They empower others with their vision and skill set to help them achieve their goals. It makes vision important in leadership for the team members and the organization. Visionary leaders can passionately and concisely share their vision with others in a way others can get behind them. It enables them to have everyone work unanimously towards common goals. The same thing comes naturally to a person with a leadership vision. Now, what is leadership vision you may ask? Let’s see it.


Leadership Vision

Leadership vision is a critical tool that can enable a person to focus on the most important things. For example, the things you want to accomplish in your life and the type of leader you want to become. Leadership vision must remain rooted in the old days with relevance to the future. Furthermore, it should address current situations. Overall it must embody the kind of leader you stand for in your life.

Powerful leadership visions can help attract people to the company ambition and goals. A strong leadership vision can further incorporate past lessons, current realities that must be addressed, and future goals. It establishes your identity and principles. Also, it can help motivate employees to perform well.


Leadership Vision Statement

Leadership vision statement is fundamental to the leadership vision. It essentially serves as a declaration of a person's value, belief, and purpose as a leader. It defines who they are and how they lead. The statement conveys their company's goals and expectations. Furthermore, leadership vision statements may also include a strategic plan for achieving a company's goals.

Creating a leadership vision statement aids in the creation of accountability for the goals you set. A vision statement for a leader might be to lead with fairness, integrity, and humility. Maintaining this goal in mind may aid in the creation of a professional and enjoyable working environment, which may improve team performance. Effective leadership vision can even create autonomy in the workplace.
What is leadership vision?

Ways to Develop Leadership Vision

At any organization, leaders are often expected to immediately bring new ideas, skills, and solutions. Afterall, it is critical to develop your personal leadership vision. And therefore, to develop a leadership vision you can follow these steps.


Write Your Visioned Story

Always explain to the employees what they can expect from you and everything you will need to do as an organization to succeed.


Determine the Organization's Future

Identify what success means for your organization. Consider what will make you most proud of achieving and what you will need to get there. Finally, analyze and prepare for the difficulties you may have to face along the way.


Describe the Leadership Vision

Finally, use your knowledge and experience to develop your organization's goals after understanding the expectations of the any community leader and the employees.

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