What Is The Role Of Social Media In E-learning 2022?


30th Dec'21
What Is The Role Of Social Media In E-learning 2022? | OpenGrowth

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” - David Alston

In today’s tech-savvy world, social media has become an essential part of our life. Social media has got content for almost everything nowadays. People use social media to share pictures, sell products, or even promote them to a larger audience. However, social networking is not a new term and is here to stay for a long time. So, we can’t deny the fact that social media skills are helpful to enhance your eLearning courses.


Social Media


What Is The Role Of Social Media In education?

Let’s discuss the best ways to use social media for e-learning purposes. You’ll also get insights into how social media can help course creators to achieve their goals. However, the role of social media in e-learning is remarkable in this entreprenuerial education sector. 

To be more specific, Facebook and Instagram have connected people closer than ever. The popularity of different social media platforms helps learners interact with instructors better. It allows learners to discuss content about the course, share ideas, and create peer groups to do activities. 

E-learning professionals rely mostly on social media platforms to share course materials, deliver learning practices and communicate with learners. Additionally, social media platforms are one of the best sources that help learners to interact with instructors to ask questions and clear doubts.


Why Is It Important To Use Social Media?

“Social networks aren’t about Websites. They’re about experiences.” - Mike DiLorenzo.

As we say, modern-day problems have got modern solutions for learners to excel better. It helps learners to consume information online and improves familiarity with the subject. Therefore, incorporating social media in teaching and learning processes is definitely a game-changer. 

The positive impact on the learners is the access to video lectures, and quizzes, and participation in group discussions. By doing it, learners will be able to stay interested in the subject. They will also get the flexibility of learning from anywhere at any time in need.

Here are some of the important reasons that say how social media is essential for e-learning today:


1. It Makes Learners Stay Connected 

Staying connected with your peer group of learners gives a sense of belongingness and comfort. You can create a Facebook group community to share your thoughts and ideas about the courses. All this will help you find answers for your queries and understand the concepts even better.

The presence of study groups and online communities not only makes you connected but keeps you motivated as it helps learners to have face-to-face contact with their instructors and helps to keep the enthusiasm lively. Students can use social media to build strong networks and maintain healthy connections.


role of Social Media


2. It Gives Student-Centric Approach 

Social media helps you to have more flexible Interactions. Learners can post their present challenges or ask peer learners and instructors questions. A person who has a solution for particular issues or questions can respond instantly. 

However, most learners agree that interacting in Facebook groups is more convenient than live discussions. As you know, in the classroom, people won’t get much time to discuss their doubts regarding the courses. But social media offers more flexibility when it comes to interaction between learners and instructors.


3. Social Media Helps To Share Crucial Information

Another important benefit of leveraging social media in e-learning is that it gives you an easy and quick way to contact people. For example, if a learner or instructor wants to share their updates on certain topics, they can create a Facebook post or Instagram story. 

This will not consume more than a few minutes; also instructors can use Facebook live or Instagram live. And share the educational content with learners and respond to their doubts in real-time.

4. Social Media Is Easy-To-Access

Many people find social media as the best source for e-learning purposes due to its convenience. Learner can easily access the course material using their smartphones, PCs, and tablets, etc. Everything is simple as it allows instructors to connect with learners’ queries on time. All this can be done without logging into a specific platform with the ease of technology in education.

The simple step to stay updated on courses is to enable their notifications! This is very beneficial for learners as they can view the comments of other people and get insights into their ideas. Hence, social media can improve the overall communication between learners and instructors.


Social Media In Education


Want To Engage With Learners?

If you use social media in the right way, it has so many general benefits. Social media can be your best companion while learning courses, as it gives endless possibilities and opportunities. 

Therefore, embrace social media and improve your e-learning in a more fun and engaging way. Also, you get a friendly learning approach by connecting with learners outside the formal learning environment. 


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