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What is up with Amazon Alexa Together?


24th Nov'22
What is up with Amazon Alexa Together? | OpenGrowth

Remote caregivers and family members who want independence and privacy as well as a helping hand (or several) when they may need it most might find peace of mind with Alexa Together. Alexa Together offers real-time activity monitoring and notifications to carers through the Alexa app, and it can be used with only one Echo device to perform a range of Remote Assist tasks, including setting up streaming services for loved ones and creating reminders.


This page explains the fundamentals of the platform, how to set it up and activate the service, and how to use some of Alexa Together's most useful capabilities. There are many things Alexa Together can accomplish.


What is Alexa Together, and how does it work?


According to Amazon, Alexa Together is a brand-new method for "supporting your loved ones and keeping you connected even while you're apart." It's a monthly fee-based subscription service. So you can receive six caregiver features for a fee:


24/7 Urgent Response: Constant access to skilled personnel who can aid your loved one.


Response to Fall Detection: If your loved one falls, Alexa can call Urgent Response and alert the appropriate people.


Remote assistance: Manage shopping lists, connect music services, set reminders on a loved one's Echo, and more.


Activity Feed: View screenshots of your loved one's interactions with Alexa and their smart home in the activity feed.


Support Circle: A wider circle of supporters is available for your loved one.


The Urgent Response and Fall Detection Response are the most intriguing aspects. In essence, Urgent Response provides hands-free, round-the-clock access to a specialized emergency helpline. "Alexa, call for help," can be said to an Echo speaker using this feature. Once an agent has been reached, they might ask for the police or fire department. The caregiver will receive a notification from Alexa as well.


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Third-party gear from Assistive Technology Services (ATS) and Vayyar is needed for Fall Detection Response. The Vayyar Care is a wall-mounted gadget that employs sensors and radio waves to detect falls, while the SkyAngelCare by ATS is a fall-detection pendant that connects with Alexa over WiFi. Instead of waiting for the user to ask for assistance, both devices allow Alexa to ask a user if they wish to call Urgent Response.


There are no additional costs associated with using SkyAngelCare and Vayyar Care beyond the initial cost of the equipment and the monthly membership charge for Alexa Together.


Another noteworthy feature is Remote Assist, which gives a caregiver permission to access a person's Alexa account and remotely set up functions like setting reminders, adding contacts, making shopping lists, and connecting music and video services.


Alexa Together now includes the Activity Feed and Customized Alerts from Alexa Care Hub. When someone first interacts with Alexa, they enable a caregiver to be aware if their loved one is up and moving around by displaying an alert in the Alexa app. In order to track activity, Alexa Together also works with other Alexa-enabled smart home gadgets, including motion sensors, smart lights, and thermostats.


Finally, Circle of Support offers the option to include multiple carers (up to 10). Early in 2022, this feature will be available.


What equipment do you need?


Only the Alexa app and one Echo device—preferably an Echo Show—will be required by the person receiving remote care in addition to a dependable WiFi connection. This is so that caregivers and Circle of Support contacts can use features like Drop In to make a video call to check in on loved ones from a distance. To achieve the best results, the client's home should have a variety of Echo devices placed throughout it. In this manner, your loved one may simply communicate with Alexa without needing to go to a specific location in the house.


For Drop In reasons, it's ideal for caregivers to also have an Alexa device like the Echo Show, but all that's really required is access to the Alexa app.


How to set up Alexa Together?


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You'll need an Echo device, a WiFi connection, your own account, and an Alexa Together subscription to get started. In order to obtain a verification code during the setup procedure, they will need to check into their Amazon account and provide a cell phone number.


1. You may begin setting up Alexa Together after purchasing it.


2. To confirm the arrangement, your loved one will receive an email.


3. You may start utilizing all the capabilities after you and your partner are both connected to Alexa Together.


You just need the Alexa app downloaded to your phone if you are the one helping a loved one. Amazon suggests having an Echo device for the support worker in order to leverage capabilities like Alexa Calling or Drop In or to enable video chat for a better overall experience.


Which Echo models are Alexa Together compatible with?


Alexa Together is compatible with all of Amazon's most recent Echo devices, although a camera model is definitely the best if you want to Drop In or video chat with your loved ones. Amazon is bundling the most recent Echo Show 8 with a six-month free trial of Alexa Together.


What is the price of Alexa Together?


Following the free 30-day trial period, Alexa Together subscribers have the option of purchasing a $200 annual membership or a $20 monthly premium. Alexa Together will be accessible without charge to users of the Alexa Care Hub until December 7, 2022.

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Alexa is a fantastic tool for staying in touch with loved ones, in addition to being a helpful voice assistant that can stream music, provide cooking advice, and answer any random inquiries that may come to mind. The designers behind Alexa have created an interactive and adjustable suite of capabilities for precisely that purpose, all housed under one roof for those of us with loved ones who may need assistance and monitoring on a fairly regular basis.



1. How does Sentinare work with Alexa Together?


You can connect Amazon Echo devices in your loved one's home to AltumView Sentinare sensors by purchasing an Alexa Together membership. The Echo devices will use Amazon's 24-hour Urgent Response service to ask your loved one if assistance is required when Sentinare detects a fall.


2. How to subscribe to Alexa Together?


Currently, only US Amazon and Sentinare customers can access Alexa Together. Visit the Alexa Together page to subscribe.


Three different account types make up the Alexa Together Circle, but at a minimum, TWO Amazon accounts are required for the circle: one for the host (main caregiver) and one for the loved one (care receiver).


3. How do I set up my Eco Device for a loved one?


When a fall is detected, only Echo devices linked to your loved one's Amazon account can use Amazon's Urgent Response services. Turn on the Echo devices and sign into the Amazon Alexa app using the Amazon account of a loved one. You may configure the Echo devices through the Amazon Alexa app after signing into your account. Every room with Sentinare sensors should have at least one Echo device. Ensure that the appropriate Amazon account is added, the Echo devices are turned on, and that WiFi is connected (your loved one).


Recall that the Alexa app cannot be used to configure Sentinare sensors; only the Sentinare mobile app can.


4. Can I initiate account linking through the Amazon Alexa app?


Although it is feasible, we strongly advise using the Sentinare app to start the connecting account process. The Sentinare app cannot recognize or demonstrate that a successful link has been made if you start the linking process using the Amazon Alexa app. Later, if you decide to disconnect your accounts, you must do it via the Amazon Alexa app.


5. I've linked my Sentinare account to Alexa, but Alexa is not asking if help is needed when a fall is detected. What do I do?


Make sure your loved one has an Echo device registered to their account and that their Sentinare account is linked to their Amazon account. The urgent response service won't function if the Sentinare account is connected to any caregiver account that is a part of the Alexa Together circle. Through the Sentinare mobile app, you can unlink your Sentinare account from your loved one's Amazon account and then relink it. If not, make sure the Sentinare sensors and Echo devices are linked to WiFi.


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