What Makes An Online Game Popular?

Neda Ali (Editor)

3rd Dec'20
What Makes An Online Game Popular? | OpenGrowth

All About The Trend Of Online Gaming

Smartphone uprising directed to the immediate adoption of online gaming across demographics. Not only are there more home-grown game developers, but user craving for local games is also on the rise.

The economy might be hampered in the different countries, but its online gaming industry is running through a bang never seen before. Riding on the mobile and internet revolution flying the country, online gaming now cuts across ages and socio-economic communities.


Future of Online Gaming


Why Online Gaming is In the Trend?

Young people always liked to celebrate life to the fullest and make the most of things. One of the major ways we are watching that right now is through online gaming. This notices you play games via the internet rather than in person or on an offline PC or console. Online gaming has a lot getting on for it in terms of convenience, comfort, cost, and how it fits in with our contemporary lifestyles.


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Gaming addiction in young people 

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Popular online games


Future of Online Gaming

Besides the consistent and remarkable growth of the industry, it is interesting to note that there has been a change in revenue sources in the gaming space recently. The gaming industry used to make a maximum of its money by selling games but today its income is coming from a different perspective. The online gaming industry is growing so fast that some assume it will reach over $300 billion by 2025. With billions of dollars in profit and over 2.5 billion players around the world, we can anticipate video game platforms to proceed developing in 2020.


Most Popular Online Games in The World

We all know that the players can choose or decide whether it’s a good game or just a time pass. The online gaming industry has experienced immense growth in the digital age. People have always loved games but easier access to the internet, ever-improving technology, and changing lifestyles have made online gaming even more popular all over the world. 


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Popular online games

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