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What Next? Seven Leadership Strategies For A Crisis

Roshni Khatri

16th Nov'23
What Next? Seven Leadership Strategies For A Crisis | OpenGrowth

Is your team creating and resolving the right challenges and solutions? Are they pushing the boundaries, both now and later? By selecting the appropriate leadership strategies, entrepreneurs who achieve success in engineering, biotech, healthcare, and other sectors can resolve the questions they pose to themselves. It also emphasizes the useful techniques and approaches they employ to keep teams motivated, engaged, and challenged so they can produce ground-breaking concepts that will genuinely change the course of history.

Leadership innovation is where you should start if you desire innovative leadership. By doing this, you may demonstrate to others that it's acceptable to try new things, explore new concepts, and develop and learn. You lay the foundation for future creativity in products, services, and other areas by doing this. Let's talk about leadership strategies in more detail!

Effective leadership methods

The given approaches can help you lead more effectively and raise your team's performance, regardless of whether this is your first time trying your hand at management or you just want to refine your approach and learn a new method.

1. Encouraging and advancing exploration and innovative thinking 

Fostering a culture of imagination and experimentation inside the organization is a crucial strategy that leaders may employ to stimulate innovation. This entails establishing a setting where workers feel free to experiment and take chances. To achieve this, leaders should promote an inventive culture in which failing is seen as an opportunity to grow and learn rather than as something to be shunned or penalized.

Supervisors have the authority to honor and recognize staff members who exhibit originality and creative problem-solving techniques.  They can accomplish this by establishing innovation prizes, incentives, or promotions that honor and commend staff members who provide creative answers to pressing company problems. Aside from that, you can also learn about the principles of coaching and mentoring. 

2. Offering employees the opportunity to participate in personal projects.

Providing staff with the opportunity to engage in passion projects is one way to foster creativity. This entails granting staff members the flexibility and independence to work on initiatives that excite them and support the objectives of the company.

Leaders may help staff members do this by allocating time for them to focus on passion projects, offering tools and encouragement, and emphasizing the importance of their endeavors. Employees may foster creativity, learn new skills, and explore novel concepts with the support of passion projects.

3. Keeping up on technological developments and market trends

To promote innovation within their organization, leaders must stay current with both technological advancements and market trends. This means attending industry events, staying up to date on new concepts, and building relationships with other thought leaders on a professional level.  keeping up with technological developments and market trends.

This information may help leaders spot fresh possibilities, keep one step ahead of the competition, and foster innovation inside their company. With this information, they can also recognize possible risks and obstacles and devise countermeasures.



3. Removing barriers and promoting collaboration between departments

Organizational silos can seriously impede innovation. Sharing ideas, resources, and skills can be challenging when teams or departments operate independently. Duplication of effort, mistakes, and lost chances for innovation might result from this. tearing down divisions and encouraging cooperation across departments.

Effective leaders may dismantle organizational silos and promote cross-functional cooperation by promoting dialogue and coordination across various teams and departments. Creating cross-functional teams, promoting open communication, and providing opportunities for employees to work across divisions are some ways to achieve this.

Innovation in technology, such as software for video calls, instant messaging apps, and project management, can assist leaders in promoting communication and teamwork. By breaking down departmental silos and promoting cross-functional cooperation, leaders can create an organization that is more innovative and productive.

4. Acknowledging successes and learning from errors

The process of creative thinking is not always easy. It frequently entails attempting new things and taking chances, which can result in both success and failure. To foster creativity inside their company, leaders need to recognize accomplishments and draw lessons from mistakes.

When a novel concept or resolution becomes effective, leaders ought to acknowledge and commemorate the accomplishment. This might be done by setting up a groundbreaking awards program, praising the team or person in question in public, or throwing an event for the entire organization.

Leaders have to own up to their mistakes and learn from them when a novel concept or approach doesn't work. This entails examining what went wrong, spotting areas in need of development, and modifying the innovation process.

Leaders may foster an environment that fosters creativity and motivates staff members to try new things and take chances by acknowledging accomplishments and drawing lessons from mistakes.

5. Promoting diversity by hiring individuals from different backgrounds

Diversity is a major source of innovation. To take advantage of fresh perspectives and ideas, leaders should cultivate a diverse workplace and select staff members from a range of backgrounds.

Leaders should encourage inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace, develop initiatives to draw in and keep a varied workforce, and recognize the unique viewpoints that individuals have to offer. Because each employee brings a distinct set of expertise and abilities to the table, this may foster a greater degree of innovation and creativity.



6. Train teammates and coworkers

Establishing a cooperative and dedicated work atmosphere is a common goal for leaders. A good leader demonstrates to others how to finish a task. Rather than dictating how their team members should accomplish things, they coach them to make the best decisions. They take on the role of mentors, encouraging colleagues to assume accountability for their tasks. They work hard to develop and instruct their team members, forming future leaders in the course of their duties.

7. Be proactive

Offering to take on more responsibility in your present function or volunteering for more advanced duties are great ways to hone your leadership abilities. Seek out chances to demonstrate your leadership abilities. For instance, you may volunteer to oversee a little project or engage in direct customer negotiations. This aids in the development of new abilities that eventually enable you to assume a leadership position. Your coworkers are also more likely to view you as a leader because of your capacity for initiative when you assume a leadership role.

To conclude, we can say that gaining expertise in various leadership techniques aids in job advancement, as it may lead to promotions and more responsibility. Because you may encourage and inspire them, it can also assist in strengthening your professional ties with your coworkers. Besides this, leadership mentoring can help you navigate your career. 


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A keen observer, who loves to spend time with nature. A fun loving person, enjoys to explore the new aspects of life. Passionate about reading and learning new things. Roshni is dedicated towards her work and has worked in different professions.


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