What Skills Entrepreneurs Lack?

Sunny Samanta

15th Feb'21
What Skills Entrepreneurs Lack? | OpenGrowth

The one who can see the beginning and the middle as a failure but never the ending is an entrepreneur.

There is a unique group of people Among Us. It is as if they are humans with different genetic structures. No, I’m not talking aliens nor I’m talking about the Imposters in the popular video game, i.e., Among Us. Let me try again without using the actual word.

They are people whom we can credit for a lot of things we see around us. For example, your latest smartphone or laptop you’re reading this article on or a brand new electric scooter, or the car that you or someone in your neighborhood drives. Still no idea?

Okay, this is the last one. The ultimate risk takers, the one who gains the most from it, the innovator, and the one who challenges our conventional beliefs. No to riddles as well? Never mind, start from the top, i.e., the title of this article.

Yes, of course! I’m talking about entrepreneurs and now, I don’t think it is required to describe them again any further. Do we know who they are? What their accomplishments are and what they are capable of? But while it may sound strange but even, they have flaws and at times they are the most common ones. And in this post, I am going to cover them starting with “Empathy.”


Skills Entrepreneurs Lack



To some, this might come as a shocker but honestly, this is true. While the entrepreneurs have all skills from leadership to persuasions to getting the work done that a lot of us cannot have, empathy is one basic quality they lack. And it is not like, they don’t care about people or their employee or their teammates. It is something like a lost art to them. 

This is due to the fact, how their mind works mostly, i.e., their way of thought processing is quite calculative where somehow in everything they do, they see it as an investment and therefore expect a return on investment. For them, time and effort is the most valuable thing.


Self Management

Since entrepreneurs are mostly busy with more than one project underway, they often find it tough to micromanage everything according to time. To them managing their daily personal routine can be seen as a threat to their bigger goals because to them even time is like a currency which although they cannot have more of but can spend or invest. So, a lot of them preferably struggle with time management to micromanage every aspect of their daily life. So, don’t be surprised if you visit an entrepreneur's house and find it all messed up all around.


Planning and Organizing

We all thought through our academics, how planning and being organized are key to leading a successful and peaceful life. But no, to entrepreneurs this is like an alien concept and therefore, I mentioned them as a different breed of people in the beginning. Similar to self management, they find time spend on planning and organizing as a time not spend on more important things such as working on a project. 

So, in most cases, they hire someone who has mastered the simple art of planning and organizing things for themselves.


Analytical Problem Solving

Entrepreneurs are often so motivated and consumed by new products or ideas, monetary returns, and potential future gains that they barely have enough time to access any situation analytically. Simply said, they are kind of driven by urgency. So, a lot of times they are needed to make quick decisions. 

Therefore, they don’t get a chance to have a rundown on the available data and sit down for hours or days and take a decision. And thus, we can even say that entrepreneurs are visionaries who needs some hardworking and loyal employees to give shape to their said visions.

So, these are skills entrepreneurs lack who are the most bright minded people ever. And while even with these flaws they are succeeding in their life, I’m here to suggest the possibilities of what more they can achieve if they cover these weaknesses as well.


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