What Will be the Next-generation Learning?

Neda Ali (Editor)

14th Apr'21
What Will be the Next-generation Learning? | OpenGrowth

Education post COVID

Post covid-19, the world is surely going to be a different place. There will be visible changes across a range of behaviors. The impact of the pandemic can already be felt in different sectors like shopping, eating habits, and education as well.

It is reasonable to assume that this impact will be here to stay for a fairly long time. This pandemic is a sign of changing times and human behavior. It is also an event that has given rise to the push to the digitalization of lives, especially in the education sector.

Education post COVID

Read below links to know how will education be practiced in post COVID world: 

Future of education after Covid-19

Education has been immensely affected by the on-going digitalisation of everything the COVID-19 pandemic leashed upon the world. To know what will be the future of education after Covid-19, read here:

Covid-19 could change how we educate future generations

The COVID-19 crisis may well change our world and our global outlook; it may also teach us about how education needs to change to be able to better prepare our young learners for what the future might hold. To know more, read here:

Are We Ready for Online Education?

Online education is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-effective means to educate the world’s rapidly expanding workforce. To know more, click here:


Skill vs knowledge


Skill vs knowledge

Skill-based education requires experience. It is based totally on the idea that everything may be learned better if it is practiced in real life. The process is learning by doing as it is related to the features that any individual possesses unknowingly, and isn’t necessarily confined to blackboard learning. Skill is unarguably the dire want of the hour as it enables the person to contribute extra effectively to a particular field.

On the other hand, knowledge-based learning has been in practice for decades. Knowledge implies something ‘theoretical’ and refers to information about a given topic that you learn from books, newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias, the internet, or school/college.

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The difference between knowledge and skills

For many people, knowledge and skills are similar concepts used to describe competency. But for learning professionals they are considered as two quite different yet related concepts. To know more, click here:

Knowledge and skills

The differences between knowledge and skills are principally what and how we learn. To know the difference between knowledge and skills, read here:


Studying smarter


Studying smarter

Having good study skills is always helpful. But it’s even more important now during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study in face-to-face classes was far more comfortable and easy to grasp as compared to e-learning. But since the lockdown has left no other method, the ways to get smarter education needs to be adopted.

There is a huge difference between studying hard and studying smart. Studying hard is time-consuming and stressful, whereas studying smart reduces stress, is efficient and produces optimal results.

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Proven tips to study smarter

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How to study smart?

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How to study smarter, not harder?

To know how to study smarter not harder and accelerate your ability to become an effective learner, read here:


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