What Will Business Leadership Look Like This Year?

Jyotshana Rani

2nd Feb'21
What Will Business Leadership Look Like This Year? | OpenGrowth

Leadership is a pillar of any organisation, and a good leader leads the team and organisations in a manner that benefits everyone. 2020 has been a crucial year, and we have lost, canceled, or postponed many things in 2020. Now, as we are all looking for a way to make up for everything we have lost, business leaders need to lead and act well in such situations.

We are well aware of the importance of external needs any business requires, but do you know that Internal leadership is every bit as important as external needs. No matter how business leaders were acting before or during the pandemic. Now, they should add a few points and be ready to support their team mentally, professionally, as well as financially.

Just remember pandemic was not only for you but every one of us, and it affected their life the same way it affected yours or even more.

So, apart from other leadership qualities, here is how corporate leaders should act during such pandemics.


This year Business leadership will:


1. Keep High spirit working environment

Indeed negative was the only positivity we had last year! But apart from that, 2020 was no less than a roller coaster ride, and the ride does not seem to end soon. 

Working from home, zoom meetings, online classes, etc. always seem very alluring in imagination, but in reality, it has made people lethargic. Negativity is all around us, and all we are looking for is some positivity. Dealing with so much negativity is never easy so, all you need to do is keep your teammates and working environment cheerful. Give them a reason to come to the office every day with a positive attitude and motivation.

Be present at the office before your team and greet each member as they arrive. Provide words of encouragement every day and discuss their goals. Listen to their personal and professional milestones, and then discuss a way that supports both your business and their own objectives. 


Ways how corporate leaders should act in a crisis

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty or danger, and it is the time that business leaders need to make decisions more sensibly. People do not generally prepare for a crisis because nobody can not predict it. And even if we can, we do not know the nature of it, and this makes it even more difficult to act. Corporate is all about making a reputation in front of your audience, and one wrong decision in a crisis will spill water over everything. So, here is how leaders should act in a crisis.

2. Offer flexibility

Among many things, work from home is one thing that kept the companies continuing operating while their employees stayed safe from COVID-19 in 2020. It has also proved that people can play their part in the enterprise while staying home. It will take time to bring people back to normal till then offer a flexible working schedule to your employees.

Flexible work hours is one important thing which we should adopt not only in 2021 but also in the coming years. Some employees feel more comfortable working from home others may need just one day a week outside of the office. And some enjoy working in the office every day, but only at night. So, make a schedule considering their comfortability. Other than that, give employees the freedom to decorate and rearrange their desks. Also, help them in managing their mental health by providing additional sick days. It will make your employees happy, and a happy employee is a more productive one!


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3. Refine company culture

Creating a good and interactive company culture is very important these days. The pandemic, social distancing, and lockdown have already created a distance between people, and we have lost the human touch. And to work in a team your employees need to interact more and understand each other better.

People are going through financial crises, and to cover the losses they are evaluating other opportunities continuously. You have to make sure that you give them a good reason to stick with you. It is not just about the paycheck if a team feels like family its members do not want to leave for a slightly better offer. 

So, engage team members through regular activities that build relationships like an after-work activity, small get-together party, etc once in a while.


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Why A Positive Company Culture Is Especially Critical Today

We are well aware of what everyone went through, and the situation seems to be getting worse every passing day. People are getting more vulnerable, and we need to handle them with emotions keeping logic aside. Remember, an employee gives their whole day working for your company, so it is your responsibility to give back something worth working for. People are not looking for any strict leaders or managers, all they want is an empathetic leader. Read more.


4. Take a Stand

Employees and consumers want their organisations to take a stand on current issues, and when a company does it, they share it with everyone very proudly. So, business leaders should look for a worthy cause and know when, where, and how to make a statement. Make everyone a part of the cause, and do not forget to explain why you support the cause and how it is related to the company’s vision, mission, and values.

Also, if there is any rift or difference of opinion among the team members, call for a discussion and help give a chance to teammates and customers to understand one another better.


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