When bench is not just bench! 

There are various ideas and ways for spreading positivity and tackling up with loneliness. You must be well aware of different social media platforms to meet new people, but this idea is raw and exclusive, it’s a bench!!!


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The Friendly Bench

The Friendly Bench is an inspiring recent movement sweeping across the UK which intends to help tackle loneliness and social isolation in local societies. The Friendly Bench network was organized in 2018 by Lyndsey Young in Leicestershire, where the first two benches were established.

Lyndsey was encouraged by first-hand experiences of social isolation and a disconnection from her community. The ultimate purpose for The Friendly Bench network is to cover the length and breadth of the UK.

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The Friendly Bench

Having faced loneliness herself after the birth of her son and while working as a freelancer, Lyndsey was inspired to create The Friendly Bench™ when she learned about the positive impacts of nature on mental wellbeing. To read more, Click Here

The bench-mark for tackling loneliness

Age-friendly cities need public benches to provide welcome resting spots for older people. To read more, Click Here



The friendly bench aims to lessen social isolation, increase community cohesion and help reconnect people back to their own community. It can positively enhance a community's quality of life. It is independently governed, funded and run by it’s own voluntary group / organisation for their own community.

As a member of network, each group receives free advice, support, sharing of best practice, marketing aids, publicity and promotion from the team. Far more than just a bench, the notion is to make a social hub, a mini community garden and a safe social space for anyone feeling isolated, lonely or at an easy end.

The specially-designed seating area, established to suit all ages and physical abilities, cleverly incorporates put forward plant beds so visitors can enjoy getting green-fingered and relating with nature as well as new and existing friends. Bench has helped people with their own problems of loneliness and social isolation, it has assisted them to reconnect with neighbourhood and has also given an opportunity to positively provide something to community and also the broader world.

This is a wonderful example of how creative thinking and community spirit can come jointly to create something significant and influential.


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