When School Goes Virtual, These Startups are Stepping Up

When School Goes Virtual, These Startups are Stepping Up | OpenGrowth

Over in the US many schools are beginning the year remotely with a “hybrid” model, and even those that plan to reopen in person are providing remote options. Accordingly, schools and families are looking for methods to keep kids entertained, up to speed, and out of their caregivers' hair while they learn from home. Startups--some born virtual, others whirling to meet the moment are putting forward solutions.

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When School Goes Virtual, Startups Step Into the Breach.

These companies want to ease some of the headaches on schools and families that are still struggling to adapt to at-home learning. To read more, Click here 


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Startups In Virtual Schools 

Schools and families are still attempting to adapt to at-home learning. These companies want to lessen some of the headaches, Here are some of the example of startups and ideas in the field of Virtual schools: 

Subject-specific supplemental tools: Education technology companies are well placed to capitalize on the change to remote learning. Edna Martinson and Clarence Tan launched Boddle Learning, which makes online math games for kindergarten through sixth grade, Boddle also expanded a portal for parents to track their children's improvement. With 40,000 users and counting, Boodle's next step will be coming up with a mobile app to attain students who don't have computers or a smooth internet connection.

New solutions for special education: For students with disabilities, intermissions of in-person education and therapy can be extremely disruptive.  Chicago-based startup TeleTeachers founded in 2019, the company originally focused on bringing speech therapists to overtaxed special-ed programs via videoconference. Because of the Covid, the company expanded its services to comprise other sorts of teletherapy and teaching, as well as equipment to help school faculties manage caseloads and measure students' progress to an extent.


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When all else fails: babysitting: When the virtual school day stops, many caregivers are still working and need methods to maintain their kids inhabited, without planting them in front of the television.

Enter SitterStream, an on-demand assistance based in Brookline, Massachusetts, that fits families with virtual babysitters and mentors. If a child wants help with Spanish homework, or a parent requires their toddler overseen while they do a half-hour workout in the next room, a SitterStream staffer will discover an appropriate match, who then brings a text to the client within a few minutes, and entertains the kids via video call.

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