Whitney Wolfe Herd - A Pathbreaker, a Motivator and a Woman of Substance

Supriti Tripathy

5th Mar'21

“She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her.”

Being a woman is never easy. The hardships that a woman has to do to make a mark in the patriarchal society are often underrated. They had to struggle and fight for centuries to earn the right that was theirs in the first place, to have dreams, and to catch them. Such times when these influencers decide to rule out the misogyny and overturn history, wonders happen. Today, the sky has become their limit and the world, their oyster.

Let us celebrate a bright example of such an exceptional woman who rose to the occasion and became the youngest entrepreneur. 


Whitney Wolfe Herd


The Journey of a Mompreneur- From Tinder to Bumble

She is a mother, a wife, an incredible social influencer, and is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. We are talking about Whitney Wolfe Herd. Whitney is the creator of the famous dating app Bumble which records about 22mn registered users and a revenue of around $400mn.

The app is mostly designed for women to initiate the dating process. It is the most sought-after dating app post Tinder. Interestingly, Whitney had worked with Tinder before leaving the company to create her brand, Bumble. It was her idea to fix the name to Tinder which later on created history.

The idea of starting her own business had sprung onto her from the time she was young. At the age of 20, while in college, Whitney started a business selling bamboo tote bags to areas affected by the BP oil spill. She later co-created the non-profit organization “Help Us Get Cleaned Up Green Project” which sends proceeds of purchases to clean up the damage done in the Gulf because of the oil spill. She also introduced a second business called “Tender Heart", a clothing line designed to raise awareness around human trafficking and fair trade.

She has also worked with several orphanages in South East Asia. However, the idea of a dating app came to her because she realized the intensity of digital platforms, of the fact that there is so much negativity in and around the digital space and it would be worth a creation to give someone happy memories by designing a site that connects people in a more personal level.

The idea of making the digital world a better place for everyone, especially women triggered her to settle down with Bumble, a mission-driven organization after a lot of trials. Recently Whitney took Bumble to become a public limited company.


Bumble CEO


Rewriting the Business Ethics by starting from Home

An extraordinary believer, Whitney is a very active and responsible social media user and an inspiration to many. She had initiated the paid day off for her employees on election day, made donations in the fight for gender equality, supported UK's call to amend Domestic Abuse Bill, and so on.

She had raised her voice and had filed a lawsuit with her previous company Tinder for sexual harassment. Her posts on social media sites leave a strong message for her followers. She also has introduced several policies like paid leaves, flexible start times, bonuses, zero tolerance over abusive behavior, etc in her own company and raises her concerns over several social rights from time to time.

Being brave and confident as in the case of our example is very important, but what’s also vital is the necessity of Women's Empowerment. It should not be only a day where women need to be treated specially but it should be a norm to make them equals. It will only contribute to the development of the society and economy as a whole.  


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Empowering Women

I must say, that in this generation, women are fortunate, not "privileged" but fortunate that their efforts count, their results are seen and appreciated, unlike the older times. And this is all because of the realization that women do have an equal share as a man in having a life, earning a name. However, paving the way from the older times has never been easy for the torchbearers.

Today we need to give this fact an intense look as we look at some of such amazing Women Entrepreneurs. The women who never held back because of society, because of patriarchy, or because of lesser privileges because a woman is only empowered when she starts believing on her own. If you are an aspiring female, I hope that this inspires you to carve your path to success and define yourself in what was a male-dominated society for a long, long time.


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