Why are there less Women Entrepreneurs?


14th Aug'20

Once upon a time, there was a WOMAN, who spent half of her days’ time in the kitchen; confined to the four walls of her abode. Then came a time when she awakens from her deep slumber and realizes that she had enough! She steps out amidst judging eyes, gives a tough competition to the so-called privileged lots (Men) on several grounds and proves her mettle. However, when it came to starting her start-up, owning a business and being her own boss, she takes a back seat.  


In India, only 43% of the 27,084 recognised startups had a woman director as of 8 January, according to the Economic Survey 2019-20.


Who & What is holding back our budding female entrepreneurs? 


Professional Mentorship: one of the reasons for the low representation is the fact that many aspirant women fail to get the right, professional mentorship from industry leaders that can help them unlock their business ideas, gain knowledge and experience to grow. This often makes them low on confidence and unsure of their business skills and startup ideas. 

Funding: The other obstacle is Funding. When it comes to funding, most of the times women are treated differently as compared to men by investors, despite having identical pitches. They face great difficulty in raising capital for their business. 

Another major reason for women facing difficulty in raising funds is the dearth of women investors and mentors. This would help both the parties connect & network without facing any gender bias.

Harnessing the full potential of women entrepreneurs is certainly the need of the hour. This can promote innovation, economic growth, and job creation. 

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Contributor: Deepika Mala

Deepika has a penchant for writing relevant content on varied topics. She is a voracious reader who is ambitious & driven. She is currently exploring the intricacies of Digital marketing. 

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