Why DevSecOps Is So Important?

Supriti Tripathy

6th Jul'21

IoT without Security is equivalent to the Internet of Threats - Hack Partner.


If you have any exposure to software and app development, you would have come across the term DevOps. It is a set of tools that combines software development (Dev) with Internet Technology (IT) and Operations (Ops). It helps organizations stay competitive in the tech world by deploying updates, bringing new apps to the market and new features frequently and quickly. However, it is essential to integrate security features with DevOps so that the traditional gaps between IT and Security are ensured, and data is protected.

The DevSecOps methodology creates a "Security as Code" culture, enabling the flexible collaboration of app release engineers with companies' security teams and increased communication and shared responsibility.




There are two primary goals of DevSecOps-

1. Secure Code  

2. Speedy Delivery

Advances in IT like cloud computing, shared resources, and dynamic provisioning requires application security in every stage, and DevSecOps entails the same.


Importance and Benefits of DevSecOps

DevSecOps is vital for two reasons:


Change in Technology

As mentioned above, the impact of technology and advances in IT imply speed, cost, and agility. The ability to deploy applications to the cloud has surpassed any rates of traditional developmental rate or velocity. It needs more encryption to protect users' privacy.


Time Gap

Security took a backseat in traditional methodologies as there was no hurry for software projects to be completed. In this age of fast pace where businesses are using mobile technologies, there isn't enough time to relegate Security. Hence it needs to be embedded into the system.


DevSecOps has several advantages as:


Early recognition of vulnerabilities  

Teams check and identify any security vulnerabilities before the release of the new app. It saves time and goodwill for the company before bringing new apps to the market while also protecting the customers' interests.


Reduced Manual Efforts

Automation helps avoid the manual configuration of security consoles. The firm could utilize this time to frame strategies for high-value tasks. All the security functions like scanning, firewalling, identity management, and access control can work in automation via DevOps.




Better ROI

DevSecOps ensures better Return on Investment on the firm's security infrastructure. Companies can build a product that's secure yet innovative. This fact ensures operational efficiencies across the delivery stages.


Other Benefits

DevSecOps ensures great flexibility in managing sudden changes in the development cycle. There is a scope for better communication between teams. Apart from a good collaboration, teams can go for automated builds with quality assurance testing.


The Process of Implementation

To ensure that the Security is built from one end to another into the app development, a strategy is formed called "shifting security focus to the left." For successful implementation, the approach is as mentioned.


  • Code delivery in bits and pieces so that any vulnerability can be easily tracked.
  • Enhance speed and efficiency by submitting changes and get feedback.
  • Stay compliant and conduct regular audits.
  • With updates in code, check for potential threats and find solutions sooner.
  • Assess new vulnerabilities with code analysis. Also, track the response speed.
  • Impart regular security training to software developers and engineers to ensure smooth implementation.

With proper encryption, data delivery through automation, the customer would build a better rapport with the firm.




What are the Skills of Security Teams?


  • These teams have strong knowledge of some of the programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, Perl, and Ruby
  • They have strong teamwork and communication skills that help them collaborate better with other departments.
  • They have a great understanding of cybersecurity rules, features, practices, and threats.
  • They know about programs like Puppet, Aqua, Chef, Immunio, AWS, Docker, and so on.
  • A well-rounded DevSecOps professional may have a DevOps Engineer certification.


Tools of DevSecOps

Here is a list of some tools that cover a range of security tasks.


  • HackerOne: This tool effectively responds to any vulnerability.
  • Snyk: It checks open-source code libraries for any issue already faced.
  • Stethoscope: Manages user-focused Security. It is also open-source.
  • Claire: This tool checks for any vulnerabilities in Docker containers.
  • Suricata: This one tool detects threats against networks and protects them from the same.


How Far are we from DevOps?

App security was considered a roadblock for companies with DevOps. It is now well addressed by embracing the developments with additional Security. Bypassing the security feature was a great risk, and with end-to-end, security implementation DevOps might finally be merged to DevSecOps and fade itself.

More automation will be companies' positive response to DevSecOps. Hence, the future is way too bright with DevSecOps as automation is a time and resource saver and offers far better Security contributing to technological progress.


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Jacob Sijin

2nd Aug'21 11:32:21 AM

Well written. slowly becoming a regular reader of great content here.

Jacob Sijin

2nd Aug'21 11:32:19 AM

Well written. slowly becoming a regular reader of great content here.