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Why Did Facebook Shut Down Artificial Intelligence?


24th Jan'22
Why Did Facebook Shut Down Artificial Intelligence? | OpenGrowth

Facebook has always been the talk of the town. From investing in AR smart glasses to privacy allegations, Facebook has always created headlines. Again, the company has made it to the headlines by shutting down the Artificial Intelligence system. Wanna know why? Be with us! 


What made Facebook shut down Al?

The social media company reportedly shut down one of its Al systems because "things went  out of control." The artificial intelligence bots created their language without human assistance, forcing Facebook Al Research Lab (FAIR)  to shut down the Al system. 

As per the report by Tech Times, “ The Al did not start shutting down computers worldwide or something of the sort, but it stopped using English and started using a language that it created.”

The researcher found that "chat agents" developed their language. The report said that the bots immediately began to deviate from the script and began communicating in a completely new language; they created the language without human intervention. 

The report further said using machine learning algorithms, "dialogue agents" can talk freely to improve their conversational skills. The researchers also found that these bots are "very sneaky negotiators."Over time, the bots become skilled. Once they learn how to negotiate, bots rely on machine learning and advanced strategies to improve the outcome of those negotiations."


Facebook Shutdown AI systems


Artificial Intelligence 

The incident makes us somewhat concerned about the potential of Al. Artificial intelligence can be dangerous to humankind. Several tech experts and scientists, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, have warned that Al could lead to tragic unforeseen consequences.

Even in 2014, Stephen Hawking said that Al could mean the end of the human race. “ It would take off on its own and re-design itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded.”


Why is Al Scary?

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword that often gets tossed around the business, technical, and media world. The increase in Al and companies continue investing in it brings us to some of the fears. 


The Fear of Mass unemployment 

The most common fear among analysts is the fear of losing jobs. It is said that Al will result in mass global unemployment as jobs are becoming automated and human labor is no longer required.


The Fear of War 

The emergence of so-called "killer robots" and other use of AI in military applications has worried that the technology could lead to war.

Frank van Harmelen, an Al researcher, said, “ Any computer system, Al or not, automatically decides on a matter of life and death, for example, by launching a missile, is a really scary idea.”



Artificial Intelligence


The Fear of Mass surveillance 

Experts fear that artificial intelligence could be used for mass surveillance. In China, it seems to have become a reality. The country is currently home to around 200 million surveillance cameras.

According to a report by New Your Time, “China is the only country in the world rolling out a social credit system that tracks the activities of citizens to rank them with scores that can determine whether they can be barred from accessing everything from plane flights to certain online dating services.”


Back to Facebook 

Many theories are floating around about what went wrong with Facebook’s experiment. The language created by the chatbox was not English, but it was a language that only they understood. The keywords included were “I” and “me.”

The spokesperson of Facebook said, “The ability to communicate with people in a way which is as powerful as spoken language will unlock new ways of interacting with people, from entertainment, gaming, and design, to personalized support for users and automated systems.”



Facebook is working on improving its Al to make it sensible. To improve, it’s dealing with such a powerful technology that can learn new things independently. The social media platform has also decided to shut down facial recognition tags. 

Moreover, the debate around artificial intelligence will keep ongoing. Machines and artificial intelligence have the potential to simplify and improve our lives. It is scary, but that doesn’t mean you can stay away from it. More or less, machines and AI have become a part of our lives. We do need to take some precautions and closely understand it. 


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