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Why Do I Have To Tell Google That I Am Not A Robot?


15th Feb'22
Why Do I Have To Tell Google That I Am Not A Robot? | OpenGrowth

Are you a robot? Of course not. Then why does Google keep asking you this question through CAPTCHA? Every time we log in to any website, Google asks this question and gives a riddle to solve wonder, it just takes a few seconds. But why? What is the purpose? Maybe you have thought of it many times but never got detailed information. Why worry? We are here as a savior.

In this blog, you will get all the necessary information regarding CAPTCHA and the benefits of Google in the process.


What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.” It is a tool to differentiate between real and automated users, such as humans and robots.

CAPTCHA provides challenges that are difficult to solve for computers as compared to humans, for example, identifying stretched numbers, letters, or a specific area. 

Google Captcha

Types of CAPTCHAs 

Modern CAPTCHAs have three main categories: text, image, and audio. But a few sites also ask you to solve word or mathematics problems using CAPTCHA.


Text-based CAPTCHA

These CAPTCHAs use known words or phrases or random combinations of letters and numbers. Some of them also include variations in capitalization.

The text-based CAPTCHAs present characters in an alienated way that requires interpretation. Alienation includes scaling, rotation, overlapping, and coloring the characters.


Image-based CAPTCHA

The image-based CAPTCHAs were introduced to replace the text-based ones. These CAPTCHAs use graphical elements, such as photos of animals, scenes, and shapes. You have to select images matching a theme or identify the image that doesn’t fit. 

Image-based CAPTCHAs are easier than text-based CAPTCHAs. Moreover, these CAPTCHAs are more difficult for bots than text-based ones as the tools require both image recognition and semantic classification.


Audio-based  CAPTCHA

The main motivation for introducing audio-based CAPTCHA was the accessibility of visually impaired users. These are a combination of image and text-based CAPTCHAs.

Audio-based CAPTCHA presents an audio recording of letters or numbers which the user then enters. This CAPTCHA is difficult for humans and bots to interpret. 


Mathematics and Word Problems 

The CAPTCHA asks you to solve mathematical problems like “4 +7” or “12-2”.The reason is that bots find it difficult to identify the question and devise a response. 

Another variant asks you to complete the missing word to complete the sentence. But sometimes these word problems become easier for bad bots to solve. 


Why was CAPTCHA Invented?

The basic motive of CAPTCHA was to block spam software from posting comments on pages. The term was first coined by computer scientist Luis von Ahn at Carnegie Mellon University in 2000. Luis wanted to find a way to filter the armies of spambots pretending to be humans. As we can see, the idea is successful and it has become a tool and an accepted part of the internet.


What are the uses of CAPTCHAs?

CAPTCHA is used by any website to restrict bad bots from spamming. The specific uses include:

  • CAPTCHAs help to prevent poll skewing by ensuring that each vote is entered by humans.

  • It prevents websites from spam registrations from fake accounts.

  • Ticketing systems use CAPTCHA to limit purchases of a large number of resale tickets.

  • CAPTCHA prevents bots from spamming contact forms, sites, and messages. 

  • It protects email addresses from bad bots.


Drawbacks to Using CAPTCHA

Though CAPTCHA has loads of benefits, but sometimes, the mechanism can negatively affect the use of your websites. Wanna know how? Read the below points.

  • Frustrating for the user.

  • It may be difficult to understand for some audiences.

  • A few CAPTCHAs do not support all browsers.



Unfortunately, technology has grown tremendously. Therefore, attackers have several ways to get around CAPTCHAs. Attackers can use machine learning algorithms to defeat CAPTCHA. Another way to defeat CAPTCHA that attackers can use is deep learning mode. It downloads a large collection of CAPTCHA collections and then trains to solve them.


What is ReCAPTCHA?

ReCAPTCHA is the advanced version of CAPTCHA. It is known for its use by Google. ReCAPTCHA is easier to use than its other types. It provides a checkbox saying “ I am not a robot” which the user needs to select, and that is all. It works by tracking the user movement and identifying if the website's movement resembles humans or bots. 


Google and CAPTCHA

Google has explained it by saying that CAPTCHA can be triggered by an automated process sometimes caused by spambots, infected computers, email worms, or SEO tools. You simply need to verify it by entering the characters or clicking the correct image, and you are done. 

But is it as simple as it seems? Or is there even a great purpose to it? Do you think Google can use us for training artificial intelligence? Let’s dig the truth. 


Does Google use us through CAPTCHA?

Yes! Google is using CAPTCHA to make its AI stronger, smarter, and more powerful. At first, the Google CAPTCHA entry was being used to help transcribe books, but now it has been done. Therefore, CAPTCHA is now being used to help Google recognize objects and images better.


Why would Google do this?

I know you might be thinking, why would Google do this. But how did I know your thought process? Artificial Intelligence? No, relax, it's just a random guess! So, Google is doing it to provide more accurate Google Map routes and images to enable users to search their Google library for specific objects.

Moreover, it is helping Google develop its driverless car technology. CAPTCHA plays a very small but major role in piloting the automotive industry somewhere in the future. This is why Google asks you to “Click all images of traffic lights,” or “ Click all images of cars.” Therefore, whenever you submit a CAPTCHA, you are moving one step closer to driverless car technology. 



Is it another reason to quit using Chrome?CAPTCHA is a noble ideal of protecting websites from spam and bad bots. However, the fact that Google is using it to train its Al bots casts doubts on its transparency. The most interesting fact is we are indirectly working for Google by teaching its artificial intelligence for free. 

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If i may ask, what does it matter if a ROBOT uses google? There is no answer on the internet, WHY DOES IT MATTER TO GOOGLE OR TO ANYONE IF A ROBOT USES GOOGLE OR THE INTERNET????? who cares, stop doing this capcha shit.

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25th Aug'23 07:06:09 PM

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Blank User| OpenGrowth

14th Jul'23 05:52:18 PM

If it asked me once I could live with it but it asks like 15 times in a row….Maybe Google is up to something but I’m sure those pesky Apple engineers are behind it too….Very frustrating

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