Why hiring a Private Chef is The Craze During Pandemic?

Sunny Samanta

22nd Feb'21

"If necessity is the mother of invention than adversary is definitely the father of re-invention."

It is no secret what the 2020 pandemic has done to our world. Millions of lives were lost, peoples went out of work, people were forced to live under lockdown, and the neverending fears in the mind of many wondering if their life could ever recover from this utterly devastating state of being alive. And while the whole world suffered and stills continues (a bit less now), some had suffered their worst nightmare such as the Restaurant’s chefs. 


Restaurant Industry Suffering Their Worst Hit

With the news related to the coronavirus pandemic started spreading throughout, people as expected stopped going to restaurants for lunch and dinner or any other occasions. Despite some of the restaurants decided to run it during the tough times while extensively following the guidelines of the Covid-19 protocols, people barely showed up. They didn’t find it worth risking. This led to the worst hit the restaurant industry had experienced in ages as it was estimated that losses for the restaurant industry will be in hundreds of billion dollars and it will take a long while for them to recover from this. 


Chefs Losing Their Jobs

With the increasing loss incurred by the restaurant industry throughout the quarters of 2020, its employees had to face the ripple effects of the same. This caused a lot of restaurant chefs to be laid off temporarily or even permanently while the ones who still managed to hang on to their profession had their working hours short immaculately resulting in a huge unemployment state for the chefs around the world. But things were about to change for a lot of them and to see how it happened continue reading below.

Private Chef


People and Their Eating Habits

Who likes to have their food only from “Made in Home” daily? Only a few, I guess. And who doesn’t like to visit McDonald's or their favorite cuisine restaurant every once in a while? Again, only a few, I guess. Simply said a lot of us enjoy driving or walking to the nearby street to grab our favorite lunch or a happy meal or join a celebration etc, every once in a while and some cases more frequently. Yes, my guesstimate can be wrong but not a lot. 

The point is even with lockdowns and people decidedly staying away from restaurants during the pandemic, their cravings were constantly sending them urges to have their favorite delectable from outside. These emotions were not gone unnoticed and it was only a matter of time until one or many of our intelligent friends, neighbor, or family member came across ideas to fix this rising problem we food lovers would call.


The Birth of Private Chefs: Volume Pandemic

Even though the private chef has been in use for decades, it is only now that it started gaining momentum as a real deal or as most would say as a career option. With people’s unwavering urges for outside foods and chefs looking for work came together, the concept of private chef started to be taken seriously. Online portals were created and service based companies put up a new menu on their provider's list, i.e., Private Chefs available for any occasion. 

Once some of the Covid-19 restrictions were waived off in some places, people started paying attention to the private chef services. Especially, the super-rich people would hire private chefs for various occasions such as birthday parties or wedding celebrations after most of the wedding events were carried out through zoom. Eventually, more people started noticing this rising trend and happily jumped onto the bandwagon. 

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The Rise of Private Chefs During The Pandemic

Inevitably, with the growing demand amongst people for private chefs, many chefs started facilitating their chef's service privately to ease their financial losses that occurred due to the pandemic. The hiring of a Private chef eventually became a craze during the pandemic when the words went out as how some of the chefs started looking at this as their both part time as well as full time career options. And with the positive reviews pouring in more chefs gave themselves a chance at becoming a private chef. Some of the renowned chefs even declared how they were enjoying being a private chef. 

Some were found saying how their love for being a chef was reignited from just seeing it as their profession for leading a good life. Them watching the groups of people or customers enjoying their prepared dishes and receiving healthy feedbacks instantly gave them immense satisfaction for choosing to be a chef in the first place.

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