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Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land?

Roshni Khatri

11th Apr'22
Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land? | OpenGrowth

Investments in metaverse are booming, people are buying the digital lands and plots and selling them for a good profit. There are several digital platforms where the users and the partners are building money, operating trade and monetizing the game assets. With this real estate has always been the best segment of investments, therefore you should know the factors that affect maximize valuation outcome. You can find the fusion of technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality and can live in the digital universe by investing in the metaverse. 

Metaverse platforms have given the next step to the young and modern age. Professional service provider PwC is the most significant investor who has dived into this virtual scenario and has purchased real estate in The Sandbox. In the same way,’s metaverse group has also invested in the virtual land via the digital platform Decentraland for $2.43 million.


Virtual Land


Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real estate works as physical real estate, the difference is that it exists in a new form of the digital era. Several metaverses already exist and many new ones are emerging. They are important for economic boom and growth, as these play a vital role in emerging an economy. A large number of users are running businesses, playing games and investing in real estate through a metaverse. Sandbox and Decentraland are the biggest metaverse projects that have had phenomenal growth in the past years. 

Digital real estate has some prime features and these are as follows:

  • First Mover Advantage and location is the key in the virtual metaverse era.

  • The market dynamics of the traditional market are implied by purchasing the asset through virtual real estate.

  • Early Days Buyers will be getting the value for money and a greater share, those who buy later will be paying the premium value by the time. As the demand grows and supply reduces. In short, there will be an inevitable rise in the prices.

  • You invest in the virtual property by keeping a thought in mind that in the future the prices of the asset will increase. 

  • The investment is to secure your future whether it is any luxury article or real estate property, the investments are placed to secure the future and the same aspect is associated with the virtual assets too. 

Thus the investor is provided ample opportunities in the metaverse world. In other words, you have the opportunity to invest in vast land as in this real estate there are no boundaries and transactions to buy and hold the property investments. With this, it also provides a commercial leasing facility to all. 

Well, you might have got an idea that these features of virtual real estate enable you to pay real money for virtual land.


Virtual Land


Endless Possibilities

It is good to invest but when it comes to paying real money for the digital lands or properties then this might create a dilemma for you. In short, you can make money from real estate without owning it. You probably would be wondering why you should invest your valuable funds in virtual land?. Let’s understand this!

Metaverse has endless opportunities and this makes it fascinating and a point of attraction. Such as there will be university degrees that will be provided by real-world institutions and will be taught by the teaching classes of avatars, with the degrees in the blockchain. 

As Nike has just acquired virtual sneaker company RTFKT and Dolce and Gabbana has released the NFT clothing collection, it is because the Brand knows the value of the future growth. So virtual real estate is a perfect platform for you to invest in the digital world of real estate and provides a higher profit margin than traditional markets. And it is a hedge against the inflation that we are facing. 

While looking into virtual real estate, you should view this virtual real estate from the lens of entertainment at first and then investment as secondary. You should follow the trends in the real estate industry as the market matures, mass adoption accelerates and this pushes the growth of the whole virtual real estate. 


Virtual Land


Unpredictable Investment With High Risk

In a rapidly growing world, virtual land is growing at its pace and could be a high-risk investment. Zach Aarons, a partner at real estate tech VC firm MetaProp, told in an interview with Wall Street Journal “ if I buy a building of 40 ETH and Ethereum goes from $ 4000 to $ 100, it is a common risk that I am not taking when I am buying the land of physical real estate”. But as per the report of crypto asset management Grayscale, “Metaverse with virtual land investments still can generate the revenues of $1 trillion million per annum”.

So you can connect your digital wallet to Meta Mask and bid on the virtual world such as Decentraland and Crypto Voxels and so on. Well, it’s a well-known fact that not every person can afford to buy the stocks of Apple but with the help of the internet can surely buy a piece of virtual land as an investment tool. 

The future of virtual land in real estate investments has huge growth and digital landowners should put up billboards of their digital assets to generate more passive income. 



The current scenario states that the virtual world can flourish the economy, similarly to the physical real estate. You might think how a virtual land could earn a million’s worth. Well at the end of the day it is a game of supply or demand. Someone may desire to pay more for the digital asset and it could be the actual worth of it. The same concept goes with bitcoin or any other asset. 

It might be possible that virtual land may seem like a fringe idea for now but soon it would become common too just like cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. It is predicted that digital land is a kind of NFT and would become the center of attention for several crypto investors. But still, you have to be very cautious as there are many charlatans out there!

Despite trillion-dollar predictions, the extreme sales pitch and the success of Decentraland, no one can have any idea that a truly large number of people would prefer to invest in the virtual land. Be aware and cautious before making any such investment!

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