Why Is It Important To Have A Catchy Name For A Startup?


25th Nov'21

“It is just a name, and I will change it soon, what is in the name, etc.” If you are having these thoughts before naming a startup, then this article is only for you.

In a digital era, where people are trying to build their brands, it becomes mandatory to have an online presence and a clear difference from the other rival companies. While setting up any business it is to create create your own pitch.

Startups already struggle to run businesses, with the challenges regarding funds, team, mentorship, and many more. Apart from these, the biggest concern is to choose the right name. The name must be catchy and sound pleasurable. Moreover, it must have meaning and must stick in the mind of the audience. Therefore, a good name attracts the audience and plays a vital role in establishing a startup.

But for a few years, a change in the pattern of naming startups has been observed. Let’s understand the name game and the reason behind it.


The Name Game Trend

Every startup wants to show itself as creative, friendly, and forward-thinking. Nowadays, the name of the startups has -ly,-me, or -fy in their name. It has also been observed that companies are dropping vowels from their names.


The Reason Behind the Name Game 

The reason behind dropping the vowels is that it helps to shorten the URL and also differentiates from rival companies. Also, the alternative spelling helps to get the domain easily, which helps a company to stand out in the market. One should know about digital transformation. 

To explain the naming trend, Utsav Agarwal, Founder, and CEO of gamified music sharing app Nwplyng stated “Nowplaying described the product in its simplest form, but it was a too common hashtag for us to possibly differentiate ourselves and create a brand around it. Hence the term nwplyng, i.e., ‘nowplaying’ sans vowels.”

Utsav further added, “Plus the domain name nwplyng.com was easily available.”


Startup Name


Is it Important to Follow this Trend?

It has become important for startups to follow a trend to make a presence in the market. But one should be aware of the fact that the buzz of having a company name-dot-com has died in the last few years.

Most startups try different inventions or apply multiple hacks to increase the recall of the brand’s name. More than following trends, the startups should work towards creating them. 

Things to keep in Mind

Now that we know about the trending name game of the startups. One should know things to keep in mind before naming the startup.


Not too Long 

The lengthy brand names are tough to remember. The ideal limit of naming a brand is between 4 to 6 characters. For example - Meta, Amazon, Visa, etc. 


Easy to Remember 

Easy to remember is the most primary factor of naming a business. The name must be easy to pronounce. Remembering any brand name is interconnected to how easily a consumer can pronounce it. Keep in mind, the consumers have a long list of brands in their heads and your brand should be one of them in the list.



Your name of the startup should have a global meaning. Sometimes, the name has a good meaning in one language but an inferior meaning in another language. Therefore, make sure to check the global meaning of the chosen name for the business. 


Startup name


Must be Unique 

The term uniqueness in the process of naming a business means legal ownership. There are many brands in the market, be sure to take legal possession of the name you chose for the brand. 


The target audience 

Before naming the startup, know your target market  The name always depends on the field you are choosing. The audience will help a business to grow.


The Old Naming Trend

The interesting part of this naming trend is people don’t keep the name with family names or the places or the places of origin. Although, it is very clear that there were not so many competitions back then. Also, there was no scarcity of domain names.



Now that you know the importance of the name while. Use these strategies to find a good and trending name for your brand. Name your startup by keeping in mind that soon it will turn into a big brand. 


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