Why Most of Us Fail at Content Marketing and How Can We Fix it?

Sunny Samanta

11th Feb'21

“Your content is only as good as your content marketing strategy.”

Ever wonder why your content marketing strategy is not working? I bet you do. Don’t worry, guessing it right isn’t any rocket science. It is just something that happens to most of us. Reports suggest that about ninety four percent of small businesses, including startups, use content marketing to engage traffics to their website to drive sales. However, a lot of them are failing at their content marketing strategy and sometimes they don’t even know.

It has been estimated that only about nine percent of small businesses rate their organizations as “very effective” at content marketing. What a shame, right? Now, coming back to my first question, i.e., why a content marketing strategy is not working for you? Well, after some in-depth research I have figured some trends which are behind the failure of content marketing.


Lack of Strategy

In simple words, most people fail at content marketing because they don’t have any content marketing strategy in the first place. It is important that marketers realize that having great content is just not enough, you need to devise strategies to make it work. And as I have mentioned above, “Your content is only as good as your content marketing strategy.”

How Can We Fix it?

For starters, take a look at what your rivals are doing right as well as wrong. A quick and smart way to learn in business is to learn from your rivals. Understand why their content is working and emulate that. Look for the platforms they are sharing their content on and follow that. Approach or find similar prospects to the one’s who are sharing their content.
Remember, attaining success in content marketing is the only way to delivering and fulfilling your objectives.



Not Giving Yourself Enough Time for Planning

It is a common misconception, especially, amongst small businesses and startups that “More the investment, better the content marketing.” A lot of people focus on how much funds they should be spending on their content marketing monthly or annually and not on how much time they should be spending on discussing, brainstorming, and planning for a content marketing strategy.

How Can We Fix it?

The easiest way to fix this is to start with investing time in coming up with your content marketing strategies. This will not only help in developing strong content marketing but simultaneously can help you in preventing unnecessary expenses.


Below Par Content

Sometimes, it is not your content marketing strategy that is holding your business back instead it is your content. It is important to understand that both the content marketing strategy and the content are required to complement each to a decent level at the least. You cannot just keep writing below par and boring content and expect people to invest time in it.

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How Can We Fix it?

Always, focus on creating interesting content for your consumers. Hire a reliable and good content creator for your business. Ensure that your content is timely reviewed and keep tracking the engagements on your content. And lastly, understand that for any topic you can create interesting content.


Unrealistic Expectations

It is easier to fall into the trap of unrealistic expectations when you are starting a business. Having expectations like making millions by the end of your business year will is counterintuitive.

How Can We Fix it?

Don’t jump the gun or set your goals way too high. Be realistic and understand that it takes time for any business to grow. Viral fame is like getting hit by lighting while you were watching TV in your house. Be considerate while placing your goals.


Wrong Audience

We have seen how great content can be failed by the ineffective content marketing strategy as well as how a capable content marketing strategy can be held back by below par and boring contents. Now, in this last point, I want to clarify that sometimes the fault is neither of your contents nor your content marketing strategy rather it is your audience. This world is filled with an audience but not every audience is for you.

How Can We Fix it?

Like mentioned, not every audience is looking for what you are selling. So, understand your audience or direct your content to the audience you want to get engaged with your products. Put efforts into retaining your audiences as well because retained customers can be a great mouthpiece for your business.


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