Why Open Source is The Future 

Isha Panwar

12th Mar'21

Open Source

Today open source software is adopted by everyone around consciously or unconsciously. Open Source Software has transformed the software industry for change. At present, very few software that exploits and monopolizes its users as there is an open source program possibility that provides all of the same functionality that too without any expense to the user.

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Why Open Source is The Future 


Open Source Software

Open source software is software with basis code that anyone can examine, modify, and enhance. Open source software is different from other. A software for which the original source code is made willingly available. And may be redistributed and revised according to the requirement of the users.

Open source software is when the source code is usually accessible for improvement or enhancement by anyone for reusability and accessibility. Open source code is the portion of software that mostly users don't ever notice. Anyone can manipulate and change a portion of software so that the program or application can work.

Programmers who have access to a computer program source code can enhance a program by expanding features to it or repairing parts that don't always work correctly.


Advantage And Disadvantage of Open Source

The advantages of open source are enormous and have increased huge popularity in the field of IT in current years. This is mainly because the advantages of open-source software are that it's independent to use, its most significant benefit. As a non-profit organization develops it.

The main disadvantage of open-source software is not being straightforward to use. Open-source operating systems like Linux cannot be understood in a day. They need effort and possibly training from your side before you are able to comprehend them. You may require to employ a trained person to make things easier.

Benefits of Using Open Source Software

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