Will COVID-19 Kill the Giant Trade Shows and Conventions?


3rd Nov'20
Will COVID-19 Kill the Giant Trade Shows and Conventions? | OpenGrowth

Today more than ever, organizations across the world are clouded by uncertainty and no one knows when the COVID-19 situation is going to end. Not just that the most ironic part there are no best practices that we can learn from anyone or any country because everyone is in it together for the first time.

The entire nation is suffering from this pandemic and almost everything is facing the worst of its phase. Every sector is going through loss. While organizations are dealing with deadlines as they were, the big challenge they are facing both internally and externally is managing their most important asset - 'people'.

Corona Virus has undoubtedly shown us one of the most unexpected disruptions worldwide. The scenario is overwhelming, but it is imperative to have strategies that ensure your business runs smoothly.


Trade shows during COVID-19


Click on the following links to know will COVID-19 kill trade shows and conventions:

Will Business Travelers Still Flock To Trade Shows And Conventions Despite COVID-19?

COVID-19 changed everything, but the banner atop the CES website reads,” Our next CES in Las Vegas is in January 2021, and we plan to proceed as scheduled.” The show will be smaller, says Foster, because not everyone will be able to travel to US. To know how about Business Travelers Flock to Trade Shows and Conventions, read more:


Trade Show Organizers Risks

The pandemic has created havoc across the globe. Anything and everything is at the stake of loss and surrounded by tough situations to ensure business continuity and manage risk. Especially the business, trade, entertainment, and event industries. They are facing most of the risks now and then and standing strong to do fight back.


Here are the links to make things clear and inform you more about the risk factors:

Trade Show Organizer Risks – How To Protect Yourself In Wake Of COVID 19:

Each year, in the US alone, PwC estimates B2B trade shows is a $14.3 billion market, with that figure growing to $16.8 billion in 2021. All of this now is at risk in wake of the Covid 19 crisis and its aftermath. To know how to Protect Yourself in Wake Of COVID 19, read more:

Conferences, trade shows find new legs amid COVID crisis:

As Canada nears 12 weeks of COVID-19 lockdown measures, many trade shows and conference organizers are lobbying to ensure their business will be able to continue in the fall. In the wake of numerous veterinary conferences and trade shows canceled around the world over the last several months, organizers of the Veterinary Education Today (VET) conference say their event is still slated to take place Oct. 1 to 3 in Toronto. To know about it, read more:


Exhibition Industry

The exhibition is also known as a trade show, expo, or even passion events the subset of the event business industry. Exhibitors are known as manufacturers or distributors of products or services specific to an industry. Buyers are typically industrial end-users distributed within the industry segment.

Throughout the world, COVID-19 has affected the business-to-business (B2B) exhibition Industry. The Centre for exhibition industry research (CEIR) has closely monitored the effect of the pandemic on the industry by tracking event cancellations and postponements.


Read the links below to know the effects on the exhibition industry due to COVID-19:

How event industry is adapting to the covid-19 period:

The event industry is no stranger to this trend, with the announcement of the lockdown, the sphere of outdoor entertainment came to an absolute standstill.  The prevailing scenario put everyone, right from the artists to the organizers in a baffled state of mind. To know some ways in which the industry is driving home the new normal, read more

COVID-19 Resources:

Throughout the world, COVID-19 has greatly impacted the business-to-business (B2B) exhibitions industry. CEIR has closely monitored the effects of the pandemic on the industry by tracking event cancellations and postponements. To know about resources contributed by the CEIR team that provides further insights as to the future of the B2B exhibitions industry, read more:


Industrial Exhibition

Every year, different industrial exhibitions are arranged across the globe to outcast different, cultures, trading, and other products and services of various places under one roof.

The industrial exhibition includes a trade fair, industrial expo, industrial trade fair, etc. But, due to the pandemic, everything is disturbed and has stopped for more than months now. 


Click on the links to get complete insights into the industrial exhibition industry:

Covid-19 pandemic severely impacts World Exhibition industry

The virus outbreak has severely affected more than 3 million square meters of exhibition space rented for this time period. This is just half of the rented exhibition space in the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany) in 1 year. Seeing the expenses these trade shows incur, it is simply not feasible for the organizers to cancel them or at least postpone them for a few months. To know about how the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacts the World Exhibition industry, read more:

Global Exhibitions & Events Market Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025:

The increasing global event and exhibition industry trend among companies and enterprises to promote their products and services is influencing the growth of the B2B exhibition market. North America is the largest market for B2B exhibitions in the global event and exhibition market. To know more, Read More


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