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Will E-Pharmacies Become the New Norm?

Beauty Kumari

14th Sep'20

COVID-19 has brought the whole world to a standstill. Not only has it exposed the big gaps in our healthcare operations, but also highlighted the requirement of having a pandemic handbook.

Countries such as the US and Italy, which spend a whole of about 15% of the GDP on healthcare and feature among the top infrastructures globally, have reported an alarming number of COVID fatalities. As people get more habituated to consuming products and services at home, e-pharmacies' sales should stimulate beyond their historical 60% expansion, and capture a more significant market share in pharmacy retail.

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Ecommerce: Will E-Pharmacies Become the Norm? 


Changes in Consumer Behavior Pattern 


Due to COVID, consumer buying habits will be always altered towards online shopping for a number of reasons. It will be months, maybe more, before people feel good about gathering en masse in places like malls and big marketplaces. In addition to that, being under lockdown has given customers an opportunity to hone their online shopping prowess and many have found out that shopping online is not only convenient and economical, it can also be enjoyable. 


E-Pharmacies in Covid-19


Online pharmacies have become the new normal, there aren't any congested medical shops. Teleconsultation might also become the new measure. Until now, e-pharmacies have faced many challenges including unclear laws, value proposition turned on heavy discounting, etc. However, e-pharma companies have recently inaugurated multiple innovations such as a subscription model with auto-refill for chronic patients (2/3rd of pharma consumption), same-day delivery, certified alternatives, etc. In addition, players have started integrating other healthcare assistance such as diagnostics, wellness, etc, and launched private tags to induce frequent consumption and provide more comprehensive care. These efforts coupled with customers being 'forced' to try online purchase, should make e-pharmacies more mainstream. The benefits of e-pharmacies clearly overshadow the obstacles that stand in the industry’s way and with consumers staying at home and shopping online more than ever, e-pharmacies are only restoring more prescriptions. 


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