Will There Ever Be A Robot That Does All The Housework?

Jyotshana Rani

8th Jan'21
Will There Ever Be A Robot That Does All The Housework? | OpenGrowth

Robots at home

A robot is a machine designed to execute one or more tasks automatically with speed and precision. It replaces human effort, though it may not resemble human beings in appearance or perform functions in a humanlike manner.

Robots are one of the most fascinating things that we have seen in the movies while growing up. Most people have not seen robots live, but this seems to change soon. As we are getting busier by the passing days and we have less time to do household chores, soon the robots will take our places and will help in doing household chores.

Aeolus Robot was the first multifunctional in-home robot powered by the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It can recognize and adapt to changing environments and independently learn, navigate, and complete tasks. Aeolus Robots are equipped with advanced sensory and biometric technologies that identify and differentiate between family members, the physical living space, and household items. They are even on the lookout for emergencies such as fire or a need to call for assistance.


Why must you buy a robot for your home?

While robots can not do all your work, but they definitely can do all the chores which you don't like doing, like lawn maintenance, floor cleaning, pool cleaning, etc., and that's why there are domestic robots to help you with your work.

A domestic robot is a type of service robot that is primarily used for household chores but may also be used for education, entertainment, or therapy. Cleaning is dull, repetitive, and dirty, so it's the perfect task for robots to do.


Every family must have these robots to do house works:

1. Robotic mop

I never find mopping an easy task at all, and I believe there are hardly people who enjoy mopping. Well, no worries, a robotic mop will do the task for you. These robots are easily available, and they are cheap. Of course, a plain old mop and bucket is super cheap and does a fine job of cleaning. But, this robotic device is worth the money as it saves time, which you can use in doing something productive.

Robotic mop

2. Robotic vacuum cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner often called a Roomba as a generic trademark, is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner with intelligent programming and a limited vacuum floor cleaning system. It was first launched by consumer robot maker iRobot in 2002 and brought autonomous cleaning to a wider audience.

In the latest model, the Roomba s9+, allows users to program the floor area that they want to be cleaned via an app, while automatic bin emptying allows for "hands-free cleaning." Also, it is tiny as compared to the regular vacuum cleaner and can be kept anywhere.

3. Access Automatic Pool Cleaner

Relaxing by the pool the whole day is just awesome but cleaning the pool afterwards is not an easy task to do. Access pool cleaner robots are here to make your task super easy. This can do its job independently and quickly without supervision.

With a repowerable power pack (5000mAh) for longer working at least 60mins, it covers both floor and walls hassle-free during its cleaning cycle.


4. Autonomous Lawnmower Husqvarna Automower 430X

Like autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners, they have a variety of sensors that make it easier for them to navigate certain areas. Robotic lawnmowers are extremely safe, even though they still have dangerous blades underneath.

Safety features such as collision detection systems prevent robotic mowers from bumping into obstacles. As there is a blade to cut off the grass, but you don't need to be worried about it. Better still, high-tech sensors turn the blade off when objects get close or whenever you lift the machine. These features help to avoid accidents and injuries to children, adults, and pets.

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