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5th Aug'20
Work-life Harmony | OpenGrowth

How to maintain work-life balance?


People struggle hard to maintain a proper balance between their personal and professional life. In this fight, many times, stress and tension take the lead, leaving behind peace and harmony. Work-life harmony is an important state to achieve. To know what it is and how to achieve it, read:


Some work-life balance tools


In today’s technological era where nobody can make an excuse to be out of reach, it has become difficult for people to maintain a balanced work-life. You are just a call or text away from a new bunch of workload. The below link will help you know about work-life balance tools:


What is work-life integration?


With the evolution and passing time, new terms are coined every day. Work-life balance was a known term but there has come a new lifestyle term for the working-class people, work-life integration. To know what is work-life balance vs work-life integration, read:


Companies are promoting work-life harmony


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela has something to share about work-life harmony. Also, some of the people with their real-life experience of work-life harmony can be read here:


Many companies embrace the idea of promoting the work-life harmony of their employees - encouraging them to manage or arrange the different parts of their life in a way that is in tune with their individual goals. Work-life harmony is a deliberately Asian perspective on achieving balance, the concept recognises that different elements may fluctuate or take precedence at different times and that the two aspects of work and life may be interwoven.


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