Worried With Slower Loading Web Pages? Check This Out.

Sudeshna Dutta

10th Sep'20

In this busy world, reloading Webpages can often be annoying. A Google Survey had found that a web page should take only 3 sec to load, provided the internet connections are sound enough.


Failing this can lead to customers switching over to other sites. And guess what? You are going to lose some valuable visitors that can have the potential to be customers.


But worry not! These 3 actions can actually help. So let’s see them.


1. Reduce HTTP Requests


When traffic takes a seem to be at your organization or your non-public webpage, most of the time they spend ready for your website to load consists of downloading:

  • Images

  • Stylesheets

  • Scripts

Pro tip – minimizing the quantity of these requests will assist your webpage to load quicker than ever. To limit HTTP requests, you can constantly use something known as “CSS sprites” to mix various exceptional images.


2. Move Script References to the Bottom


In case you didn’t know, browsers are constrained to downloading up to two elements for every hostname at once. Are your script references delivered towards the top of your page?

If yes, then this may additionally give an explanation for why the whole thing below the top of the web page takes a while to load. To restore this, move script references to the backside of your HTML page. Better yet, place them above your closing tag.


3. Place CSS and Javascript Into External Files


Another tip is to place your CSS and JavaScript into your external files. That manner, your website will be easier to update and to maintain. Or else, CSS and JavaScript codes that are instantly included in your HTML code can increase your HTML document’s size.


4. Cache Your Website


Ever heard of caching your website? If you are shaking your head proper now, then you are already light-years at the back of the competition. Let us explain. If your software program generates an internet site dynamically, it doesn’t damage to create a static cache of your database queries and webpages.

For the uninitiated, this helps to limit the stress on your laptop server. In addition, this will enhance the “speed up web page rendering times.”


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