Your Private Data Is All Over the Internet: Here's What You Can Do


19th Apr'22

Technology has a great impact on human lives. We are living in a world full of technology. It is making our work easier, keeping us updated, teaching us new things, and bringing aid to our boredom. But, is technology all about advantages? Not at all! Do you ever wonder how much this technology knows about you? Are your devices safe to use? They are not! Why? Because of this technology, your personal information is available all over the internet. You can be hacked any day, or anyone can use your private data to fool you. 

We are in an era where we cannot delete ourselves fully from the internet, but there are ways in which we can minimize the chances of our personal data being out there. However, it will affect your communication with your coworkers, friends, and family. Still, want to know how? Here we go! 


How to Minimize your Personal  Data from the Internet?

It is an undeniable fact that we cannot go a single day without using our smartphones. They are smart enough to keep us engaged all day long. Still, there are ample ways to minimize our digital footprint, and we have got a few of them: 


Delete your Old Social Media and Shopping Accounts 

We dance from one shopping app to another just to avail of the offers. You can save a little money by creating different accounts, but it could get you trapped in a cyber attack. The shopping websites have your financial and personal information, which can be misused. 

Also, many of us use many social media platforms with different names, just to stalk our crushes. But this can get you into trouble. Therefore, when you are done with an account, website, or any application, go to the account settings and delete it. You can also make a list of accounts you had once so that you can delete those too. 


Get Rid of Your Old Email Accounts 

Is receiving and sending emails safe in today’s world? We have all used multiple email accounts at some point in our lives. Emails have evolved over the years, and we have made new accounts and abandoned the old ones. The emails have sensitive information that includes details about our bank accounts, loans, money transfers, and many more. Therefore, before allowing them to pose a risk, it is best to delete the emails and accounts.


Private data


Think Before You Post

With social media platforms, it has become easy to share your thoughts, opinions, pictures, and activities. Make sure you are not oversharing your personal details; you don’t want the world to know. 

Thinking before posting anything and not sharing unnecessary details is important to keep yourself safe and minimize your digital footprint. 


Use a VPN 

VPN stands for “ Virtual Private Network.” It is an extra layer of security to protect you and your privacy. VPNs reduce the risk of websites tracking your actions and collecting your data. There are many best free VPNs on the market. VPNs can be helpful when using unsecured public WiFi networks to secure your devices from hackers.


Disable Location Tracking 

Once you enable the location, the companies will access your device’s location and send you ads based on it. It can pose security risks and allow your every move to be tracked all the time. Therefore, be sure of which app you enable the location and that the location is only used while using the service. 


Check Your Privacy Setting 

Security and privacy keep on updating, especially in the case of social media websites. Due to the wrong privacy setting, all of your information may be visible to the public. So, make sure to keep an eye on your privacy settings and make sure only the people you want to see your information are the ones seeing it. 


Remove your Information from Data Collection Sites 

Many companies in the market collect your information. They are called data brokers. They collect your data from everything you do online and sell your data. Mostly, they sell data to the advertising companies, so the companies can sell you their stuff. 

Businesses are using mobile technologies to market themselves. However, you can fix this by searching for yourself on these sites and removing your name. You can also use some tools to easily solve your problems. 


protecting private data


Make use of ad Blockers 

Ad blockers will help you to stay away from the pop-up ads that appear on your browser. They work as filters and show you the specific content that you have chosen in the program. Although, they don’t block all the ads, surely minimize their visibility on your browser. Remember, ad blockers never detect or block viruses or malware on your device. 



Technology helps you stay connected to a large world, but that doesn't mean you use it without knowing its cons. It is not possible to get disconnected: it has become our necessity. But instead of disconnecting, you can use the above tips to reduce your personal data from the internet. Therefore, use technology wisely and stay secure! 

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