6 Zoho Alternatives You Should Consider in 2024

Mallika Khandelwal

16th May'24
6 Zoho Alternatives You Should Consider in 2024 | OpenGrowth

As a business, you are constantly working on multiple facets of your business. The Zoho software suite can be a great partner that boosts your team’s efficiency and streamlines the processes. The automation can guarantee maximum conversions for the business. 

Zoho has competent solutions and services. However, there are specific limitations to Zoho that can prevent them from meeting the diverse and evolving needs of your business. It may not be relevant for your business.

You might want to migrate from Zoho CRM to Odoo CRM to manage your services and ensure the best features. You can also choose from the diverse alternatives that fit your feature, pricing, and integration requirements. 

This article will explore the top six Zoho alternatives that you can consider to enhance functionality and productivity. 


Zoho CRM Overview

Zoho CRM ensures the sales, support, and marketing teams streamline the operations from a single place. It ensures perfect collaboration between the teams to enhance the customer experiences and drive maximum conversions. 

As an affordable CRM solution, Zoho offers a suite of solutions that enables users to personalize the experiences for their customers. It offers a clean interface and multiple customizations, making it easier to set up the CRM.

However, you may need to follow a steep learning curve to get started with using Zoho CRM. This can make using the CRM slightly difficult. Additionally, the interface isn’t user-friendly, which can also cause friction. 


Zoho CRM Alternatives to Consider

Let’s look at all the popular Zoho CRM alternatives you can use to power your business. 


1. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a popular software platform used by businesses to streamline their sales, marketing, and service processes. Several automation features make process management simple and efficient. 

The Key Features

  1. The contact management feature allows your business to host a centralized database that can organize and track customer interactions.
  2. Pipeline management allows you to take a sneak peek into your pipeline and track the progress of all the deals.
  3. Marketing automation allows your business team to automate the campaigns, get timely insights and nurture the leads.
  4. Email tracking allows you to keep an eye on the opens, clicks and responses to the emails.
  5. Reporting and analytics give you a complete view of the performance of the teams and the effectiveness of the campaigns run by you. 

Pros of HubSpot

  • A robust and diverse feature set includes payment processing and automation.
  • The app offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation.
  • You can enjoy several integration opportunities with other HubSpot products.
  • Track the individual relationships with customers from the prospect stage to conversion.

Cons of HubSpot

  • The pricing is not very supportive for small businesses or startups.
  • You can get advanced features only when you choose higher plans.
  • Reporting and analytics are quite limited as compared to other CRM solutions. 


2. Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a customizable and flexible cloud-based CRM solution that can enable businesses to scale their teams. With a suite of tools that can support your business’s marketing, customer service and support teams, you can ensure smooth processes and quicker resolutions. 

The Key Features 

  1. Mobility solutions allow you to access all the CRM information from your mobile phone while on the go. 
  2. Contact management gives you the opportunity to track the people within the pipeline, from their first contact to the time they convert into customers. 
  3. Opportunity management allows you to track potential conversions through customized pipelines and workflows. 
  4. You can use customer service management to provide personalized support and offer immediate resolutions to customer management issues. 

The Pros of Salesforce

  1. You can easily customize the configurations to match your unique requirements.
  2. It offers a scalable architecture that can match the different business sizes and requirements.
  3. With a comprehensive suite of features, it can help sales and marketing teams meet their targets.
  4. An extensive ecosystem allows you to add functionality to the application with ease.

The Cons of Salesforce

  1. It is slightly expensive when compared with the other CRM solutions from other businesses
  2. It extends a steep learning curve, especially when it comes to customizing the software with specific features or functionality.


3. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a powerful CRM that can help small businesses and startups with managing their sales and marketing teams. It is the best fit for businesses across sizes. 

The Key Feature

  • Using the deals feature, you can track the stages and milestones of all the deals from a single place.
  • The CRM can offer personalized support and resolve customer queries quickly. This includes knowledge base, ticketing and live chat. 
  • You can use the analytics and reporting to gain insights into sales performance and campaign efficiency.
  • This CRM can easily integrate with third-party applications, such as email marketing platforms and eCommerce solutions. 

Pros of Agile CRM

  1. It offers an intuitive interface that makes CRM adoption and usage easier.
  2. This is an affordable CRM with generous pricing plans suited for startups and small businesses.
  3. It offers a diverse set of features that help the sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Cons of Agile CRM

  1. You may not get the advanced custom features with the Agile CRM platform.
  2. There are limitations on the customization you can avail with this CRM.
  3. You may not get extensive integration options with this Zoho alternative.


4. Odoo CRM

Odoo is a versatile and usable CRM platform developed by the open-source Odoo ERP provider. It can help manage the leads, prioritize opportunities and track your deals for better conversions. You can nurture the leads from the prospect to the conversion stage. Currently, there are 69717 websites using Odoo CRM

The Key Features

  1. You can use the Odoo CRM to manage the opportunities within the sales pipeline to track the progress and ensure you don’t miss sales.
  2. It integrates with Email clients so that you don’t miss conversations or follow-ups. 
  3. You can collaborate with the sales teams for seamless communication and timely data-sharing abilities.
  4. The single dashboard gives complete visibility into the sales activities, thus empowering you with insights that can help predict better. 

The Pros of Odoo CRM

  1. You enjoy a single database where all the leads are stored. This makes information access and data visibility smooth and efficient
  2. You can offer personalized solutions using data-backed insights into customer pain points and preferences.
  3. You can integrate your CRM with other Odoo apps for seamless data transfer and collaboration. 

The Cons of Odoo CRM

  1. The customization is not smooth and easy with Odoo. 
  2. You need to go through a steep learning curve to use the CRM solution.
  3. The regular platform updates may cause compatibility issues. 


5. Freshsales CRM

Freshsales CRM is an intuitive platform that can help manage all types and sizes of business. It can help your business grow and drive maximum revenue. You can use automation and intelligence to engage the users and prioritize the deals for faster conversions. 

The Key Features

  1. The deal management feature can help you track the sales pipeline, prioritize follow-ups and accelerate deal closures.
  2. Using AI, the platform can determine the potential leads and predict the outcomes faster. It can also help automate the repetitive and mundane tasks.
  3. You can generate reports and access analytics on the dashboard for a single point view into the performance and key metrics. 

Pros of Freshsales CRM

  1. This is an intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies usage and adoption of CRM.
  2. AI-backed CRM solutions can improve lead scoring and enhance visibility via predictive analytics.
  3. You can use customizations to make the workflows in sync with the business needs.
  4. You can seamlessly integrate the workflows and data with third-party tools and services for usability. 

Cons of Freshsales CRM

  1. It is not a user-friendly platform 
  2. It may be difficult to integrate the platform with third-party tools or platforms. 
  3. It may not be able to customize the processes to meet the complex sales processes. 


6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

This is a cloud-based comprehensive suite of business apps that can help streamline the marketing, operations, and customer service teams. You can easily integrate this CRM solution with other Microsoft products for the best solutions. 

The Key Features

  1. The sales automation feature allows you to streamline the sales processes and track leads. It can help identify the best opportunities and automate repetitive tasks.
  2. You can use marketing automation feature to design targeted campaigns and analyze the performance to define engagement and growth
  3. The customer service feature allows you to manage the cases, design self-service portals, and offer multi-channel support services
  4. Use the business intelligence feature to gain insights into the current market trends and customer preferences for more personalized and targeted services. 

The Pros of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • It offers numerous business applications, including sales, marketing, and finance operations.
  • You can unify the diverse products and services to streamline operations.
  • You can use advanced analytics and data-backed insights to drive decision-making and predictive analytics.

The Cons of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  1. The pricing is slightly higher for this CRM and can suit businesses with a larger number of users
  2. The integration, implementation, and customization are complex for this CRM and may need dedicated developers and tools.


Final Thoughts

Zoho is an excellent CRM alternative, one that can help you get started with streamlining the business and operations team. However, there are specific limitations to Zoho, including the customization possibilities and scalability.

You can choose from the alternatives suggested here. Each of these CRMs has their strengths and weaknesses. Before that, you must assess your needs, budget and scope of the CRM before proceeding with them. In case of advanced integrations or customizations, you can partner with a software development company to help. 


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