Niraj Sharan

Founder (Aura Inc)

Niraj Sharan is the founder of Aura Inc a multi-disciplinary event agency. His 30 years of professional career has been solely dedicated to renewable energy, Healthcare and Agrotech industries. Niraj has not only exhibited his leadership qualities and strategic planning in various businesses but also he is gravely concerned about the quality of the healthcare system and the environment. For the past four years, his sole focus has been upgrading the farming and healthcare system through cloud and agro technologies. He has collaborated with different research organizations from Japan and other countries, as a knowledge and technology partner. He is also working as a strategic technology partner for a research organization, that is working on the High Flow Nasal Cannula system that can be used to treat patients with respiratory failures. His writing has also been published in leading publications, and he is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani award. He understands if we want to upgrade our healthcare system then now is the right time to collaborate and work together on the challenges that we are facing or we may face just like COVID. Niraj has created an impact on these industries through his extensive research and strategic planning and he continues to work with people and organization that is striving towards a sustainable future.