How to Win at Every Situation: Understanding Negotiation Strategies

Date: 21st Sep 2022 4:00 PM IST - 5:00 PM IST

Never Miss An Opportunity To Win A Negotiation!

Seal your next negotiation and secure the deal!

Are you losing in negotiation arguments and feeling hopeless every time?
Register for webinar and negotiate like a pro by mastering.

  • Ingredients of good negotiation
  • Knowing the “Deal Points” for both side
  • Necessity of proper closure
  • Skills you can learn from negotiation
  • How to influence & persuade effectively
  • Words that work
  • How to Discuss What Matters Most

The decision to learn how to negotiate has made you feel confused, overwhelmed, and scared.

Even after binge-watching YouTube videos, reading blog posts, and attending webinars, you still don't know where to begin with negotiation?

Not just you, Negotiation can be challenging for many!

No matter who you are or who you work for, there will always be opportunities for negotiation.

But negotiating involves more than just proclaiming your position, giving deadlines, or simply agreeing to your opponent's requests.

Effective negotiators must know how to use a variety of mindsets and abilities.

Are you interested in winning your negotiation deal?

Then register for our webinar on “How to Win at Every Situation: Understanding Negotiation Strategies”?

Siddhi Singh will help you reframe negotiations from battles to collaborative problem-solving.

About Speaker

Siddhi Singh

Senior Network Project Manager
Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd

Siddhi is a passionate learner with varied experience of 14 years in Oil and Gas Sector across domains like Business Development, Sales & Operations, Real Estate Acquisition, Channel Management, Aviation and People Management.

With a diverse work experience in a National Oil Company to MNC, fuel retailing & project management are her forte.

She is here to share with us the intricacies of “How to Win at Every Situation: Understanding Negotiation Strategies.”

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